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Understanding Drinks Service

How to be a professional.

Having the relevant skills and knowledge will enable you to do your job correctly, making you the ultimate professional at your bar. Focusing on your appearance, behaviour and how you speak will leave your Guests satisfied.

The theory behind drinks ingredients.

An important part of knowing your way around the bar is familiarising yourself with the different ingredients and their flavours, which make up classic, famous drinks.

Running a bar perfectly.

It’s important to learn how to work efficiently, ensuring that mistakes are not made and that your products are always of an exceptional quality.

Creating drinks.

Learning the magic of creating incredible drinks and famous cocktails from all over the world, as well as rare, unique cocktails.

How to serve Guests.

Treating your Guests like royalty occurs through learning the balance between interaction, performance and bringing the Guests’ taste buds to life with delicious drinks.

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