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WHO'S WHO IN THE KITCHEN - Food and Beverage Service Training #6


1. Executive Chef:

In charge of a group of restaurants. In a hotel group’s restaurants or chain of restaurants, the executive Chef will make decisions affecting the group.

2. Sous-Chef de Cuisine and Junior Sous-Chef de Cuisine:

Both support the head Chef and are active in preparing dishes. Might be in charge of a specific department.

3. Commis Chef:

A Chef in-training who plays a supportive role, learning from the Chef de partie.

4. Head Chef or Chef de Cuisine:

Oversees kitchen staff and ensures that operations run smoothly.

5. Senior Chef de Partie and Junior Chef de Partie:

Line cooks or station Chefs. In charge of specific sections in the kitchen.

6. Pastry Chef:

In charge of the pastry kitchen. May have a similar structure of Chefs working below them as the head Chef does.

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