TEAM WORK - Food and Beverage Service Training #7


Each person in the service team plays a vital role. If one person doesn’t do their bit, the whole team will be let down.

• When walking through the dining area, check that all Guests’ drinks are topped up, and empty plates are cleared.

• If the bar or scullery gets very busy, help out.

• If you run out of cutlery or side plates, fetch and polish enough for the whole team.

• If your colleague has to clear a large table, grab a large tray and help them.

• If the Maître d’hôtel is clearing plates, and a Guest engages them in conversation, help them out by taking the plates they are holding.

• Whenever you head to the back of house, remember ‘full hands in, full hands out’ – if you’re going to the pass, take something to the scullery or waiters’ station with you.

Remember: There is no such thing as ‘it’s not my job’ – Always help your colleagues out.


Full hands in – Full hands out

Together, Everyone, Achieves, More

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