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Demetris Ioannou

Demetris Ioannou was born in London, on December 12th, 1978 and later migrated to Cyprus in 1992 with his family.

Demetris started his career early at the age of 18 years of age, after completing 2 years in the army.


Although Demetris started his career in 1998, he was working at his parent's restaurant located west of Cyprus from the age of 14 years old.

Demetris' Passion for Restaurants and Hotels grew stronger after completing his Hospitality Management studies in 2005.

Demetris has worked extensively in Restaurants, Bars, Franchise Companies, and Luxury Hotels in London, Cyprus and Qatar in the positions of Food and Beverage Manager, Maitre d' hotel, International Franchise Area Manager, and earlier in his career as Rooms Service Manager, and Events and Banqueting Manager.


His experience varies from organizing and managing events such as Royal Weddings, Billionaire Events, Luxury Hotel, and Restaurant Management, Restaurant Franchise Management, Owning his own Restaurants and founding a Restaurant Franchise Brand.


Leading Hotelier CEO

CEO - Leading Hotelier

What Professionals are Saying About Demetris

Demetris Ioannou Testimonial

Veliko Velikov, Operations Manager

"I had the pleasure of working with Dimitris on various projects.
Dimitris is a real professional and a natural born leader. He has an enormous knowledge and hospitality skiills, which he delegates with an ease to all associates and coworkers. A real lead by example mentor for all his employees and trainees.
His training programs are based on the most refined details in the service and hospitality areas in general and easy to be learned by everyone."

Demetris Ioannou Testimonial

Manolis Varotsis, Maitre d' Hotel

“Demetris is the ultimate leader. He’s the kind of guy who can motivate anyone to do anything. He really leaves a good impression to everyone. He shows a lot of care in what he does. I think he is an inspiration to everyone to keep going. I am glad i met Demetris personally in one of our business trips and had time to exchange opinions with him and saw not only through his eyes his vision and passion for hospitality industry.”

Demetris Ioannou Testimonial

Liz Cave-Chinn, Manager

"Excellent Management, always willing to do the jobs which he expects his staff to perform. Willing to address new ideas, and deal with any personal staff and client problems. Nothing is ever to much trouble, even under pressure. Makes Time for everyone and everything."

Demetris Ioannou Testimonial

Daniel Lang, Tourism CEO

"From the first day I met Demetris at Anassa, it was clear that he knew what was important and what it takes to be an industry leader."

Demetris Ioannou Testimonial

George Charalambous,

I’ve known Demetris for at least 15 years and have also been privileged to have worked with him. Demetris is an incredible, Charmin, intelligent, individual, heart is in the right place, hence he is a business man to the bone! This guy works! When he works he gains energy, when he works, it's like a hobby, “when you love doing what you do, its like your not working” he always quotes!
I’ve never ever met anyone work so hard and accomplish so much, Demetris is a leader without a doubt!


Ivan Sedyankov, Restaurant Manager

I met Demetris in the beginning of 2014 and I remember that day as it was yesterday. The very first moment I knew that we will work great together, because I recognized his professionalism and his passion for what he does immediately. 
Demetris was the Food and Beverage Operations Manager for one of the best hotels in Cyprus. He was Managing 5 restaurants, 3 Bars, In-room dining and banquets (MICE). 
During my time working with Demetris as my superior, he was always supportive towards all his Team, and would never close the door of his office, so anyone can visit him at any time, no matter how busy he was (His open-door policy). He is a very good listener and very open-minded person. He had a different vision of the things around him and made everything seem so effortless. He was close to all the Team, initiative enough to make everyone feel special.

I remember his words in our morning meetings: "Guys we are as strong as the weakest link!" I will never forget those lines. “All hotels have procedures and standards” he used to say, “but the difference is how good you train your team these standards and procedures”. He wanted us not only to maintain the standards, but to live by them. Demetris is the most passionate person I have ever met in my life so far. 

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