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The Art of Suggestive Selling

The art of Suggestive Selling.jpg


  • What is Suggestive Selling? 

  • The Importance of Suggestive Selling

  • Suggestive Selling and Up-Selling

  • Opportunities for Suggestive Selling

  • Reading the Guest

  • The Journey of Suggestive Selling

  • The Principles of Suggestive Selling

  • Menu Knowledge 

  • Beverage Knowledge 

  • Pairing Dishes with Beverages 

  • Flavor Words 

  • Texture Words 

  • Advanced Menu Knowledge 

  • The Welcome 

  • The Menu Presentation

  • Following Up 

  • Desserts and Digestifs 

  • The Don’ts of Suggestive Selling 

  • Repeat Guests 

  • Continuous Improvement 

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