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WHO'S WHO IN SERVICE - Food and Beverage Service Training #5


1. Trainee / Commis:

An apprentice. Helps with preparation, like polishing cutlery and glasses.

2. Commis de Rang or Runner:

Plays a supportive role to the Station Head Waiter. Helps with clearing and re-setting.

3. Station Waiter:

Makes recommendations and takes the Guests’ orders.

4. Station Head Waiter:

Might make menu and wine recommendations and take orders. Oversees Station Waiters.

5. Wine Steward or Sommelier:

Responsible for the service of alcoholic drinks. Has great knowledge of all drinks, especially wine.

6. Maître d’hôtel or Head Waiter: Has a supervisory role. Able to assist Station Waiters as well as the Restaurant Manager.

7. Reception Head Waiter: Handles reservations. Greets Guests as they arrive at the restaurant.

8. Restaurant Manager: In charge of organization and administration. Ensures that all aspects of service run smoothly.

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