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THE TEN PHASES OF SERVICE - Food and Beverage Service Training #1

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The Ten Phases of Service

1. Preparation:

Pre-service meeting, preparing

equipment, setting up the dining room.

2. Greeting Guests:

Welcome Guests, take their coats,

escort them to their table.

3. Seating Guests:

Seat Guests, present menus and wine


4. Drinks service:

Water service, recommending aperitifs,

ordering wine.

5. Bread service:

Provide Guests with fresh bread and


6. Taking orders:

Make menu recommendations.

Allow time to decide, then take their


7. Serving meals:

Present dishes. Once everyone has

finished eating, clear plates. Repeat for

each course.

8. Coffee, tea, and digestif


Pre-service meeting, preparing

equipment, setting up the dining room.

9. Guest departure:

Bring bill when requested. Escort

Guests from the dining area, thank

them and bid them farewell.

10. After service:

Post-service meeting, cleaning dining

and service areas, prep for the next


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