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The Five Senses in Guest Areas

The five senses play an integral role in the dining experience, and the very best restaurants strive to create a dining experience which appeals to all the senses.


First impressions are formed through sight. Ensure that everything is a delight to view.


Aromas in the dining room should appeal to Guests. There is nothing worse than an unpleasant smell while eating.


Sound may not be something that Guests pick up immediately. If you notice a sound that could bother them, do something about it.


Relates to everything e feel, including the Guest's environment or sense of space.


One of the main reasons Guests visit your establishment. Add to Guest's taste experience through your menu recommendations, and delivering the food and beverages promptly, as they were intended.

Touch: A sticky or dirty chair is disgusting.

Sight: A dirty napkin is revolting.

Smell: Poor personal hygiene is unpleasant.

Hearing: Loud music can be distracting.

Taste: Cold coffee is not what Guest ordered!

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