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Service Styles

Updated: Jan 12, 2018

Service Traditions:

  1. English / Silver service. Waiter plates food at the table from serving dishes.

  2. French service. All courses laid out on a separate table. Guests serve themselves.

  3. Russian service. Dishes laid out on a table at which Guests dine and serve themselves. Courses served one after another.

  4. American / Plated service. A Chef plates food in the kitchen. Waiters then serve plated dishes to Guests.

Types of Menus:

  1. ‘A la carte menu. Individually priced dishes are listed on menu. Guests choose their meal.

  2. Table d’hôtel or set menu. Menu lists a limited number of options per course from which Guests choose. Dinner charged at a set price.

Service styles:

  1. Buffet service. All dishes are displayed in an area away from the tables. Guests help themselves.

  2. Banquet service. Menu lists a limited number of options per course. Dishes are delivered plated to Guests.

  3. Bistro service. A simple style of service used in smaller settings.

  4. Counter service. An open kitchen, surrounded by a counter where Guests sit and watch the preparation process.

  5. Fine dining. Offered at more upscale establishments. Elegant atmosphere and attentive service. Superb food, excellent wine.

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