MENU SEQUENCE - Food and Beverage Service Training #2


1. Bread Service:

A pre-meal snack for Guests.

2. Amuse-Bouche:

A taster that can be eaten in a bite or two.

3. Starter Course:

A light meal, like a salad or soup.

4. Entrée Course:

Served before the main course. Traditionally a fish dish.

5. Main Course:

The biggest dish and focal point of the entire dining experience.

6. Palette Cleanser:

Traditionally a sorbet served at any point in the menu sequence, but usually after the main course.

7. Cheese Course:

A selection of cheeses served with biscuits and preserves.

8. Dessert Course:

The final food course and is often something sweet.

9. Tea and Coffee Service:

After the final course Guests enjoy tea, coffee, or a digestif.

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