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HYGIENE AND APPEARANCE - Food and Beverage Service Training #10


Bathing and body odor:

Bathe every day before work. Apply deodorant and only use perfume or aftershave in moderation.

Teeth and breath:

Brush your teeth morning and evening and after meals.


Make-up should be natural and understated. Men should be clean-shaven, or facial hair must be trimmed neatly.

Hands and nails:

It’s very important that your hands and nails are clean and neat. If you wear nail polish, it should be clear.


Must be clean and neat. Long hair must be tied up. Short hair must be tidy. Accessories must be plain and match your uniform.


Should be kept to a minimum and should be understated and simple. Visible piercings that aren’t in your earlobes should be taken out.

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