HOW TO SERVE WINE - Food and Beverage Service Training #11

Serving wine by the bottle

When presenting red wine at the table, offer to decant the wine before serving. If you are serving a white wine, you normally wouldn’t offer to decant it. This must be done at the table, in front of the Guest. Decanters are used to add oxygen to the wine, which helps open up the aromas and flavours. Decanting also separates the wine from the sediment, which would harshen the taste of the wine. If the Guest would not like the wine to be decanted, then serve the wine in the original bottle.

Remember to bring an ice bucket and service cloth for white wine.

There are a few things to remember when serving wine by the bottle. These are:

a. Firstly, the bottle needs to be presented to the Guest to confirm that the correct wine has been brought to the table. Be sure to confirm the name, vintage, country of origin, and grape variety, where possible.

b. Always offer and pour a taster for the host or the Guest who ordered the wine, so that they can check if the wine is satisfactory and not faulty.

c. When pouring the wine, fill Guests’ glasses while referring to the type of wine.

d. Always pour the wine with the label facing the Guests.

e. Have a service cloth handy to touch the neck of the wine bottle, in case there are any droplets.

f. Top up the Guests’ wine if you notice that they are close to finishing their current glass. Guests’ glasses should also be topped up between courses.

g. When a different wine is ordered, replace the used glasses with new ones. This shows attention to detail and provides the Guests with a crisp, clean glass to enjoy the fresh flavours of their new bottle of wine.

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