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HOW TO POUR AND SERVE A BEER - Food and Beverage Service Training #15

For many people, a good beer drinking experience is similar to tasting a fine wine or single malt whiskey. To ensure that you provide this kind of experience for your Guests, it is important that you understand how to pour and serve a beer perfectly every time.

1. The importance of the ‘head of foam’

2. How to pour a beer

3. How to serve a beer

The importance of the ‘head of foam’

The ‘head’ is the foam at the top of a poured beer. This keeps the wonderful aromas and gas, or bubbles, from escaping and keeps the beer cool. The head should be about two finger-widths high. If it is more than this, the beer was poured too quickly. If it is less, either the beer was poured too slowly, or the beer glass or bottle was not cleaned properly. It is vital to check that the glass and bottle are clean and hygienic before pouring.

How to pour a beer

The following steps will guide you in pouring beers for your Guests.

Step 1 – Present the beer to the Guest. For example, ‘Your Heineken, Mr. Rhodes.’

Step 2 – To control the size of head, gently pour the beer closely down the side of the glass. The beer bottle must be brought as close to the lip of the glass as possible, without touching it. The same principles apply for pouring a draught beer from a draught nozzle, should your establishment have one.

Step 3 – Make sure that you pour the beer so that the label is facing the Guest.

Step 4 – Slowly start tilting the bottle at a sharper angle once you have poured to near the halfway mark. The beer will now fall straight into the bottom of the glass and this will form the head.

Step 5 – The head should be about two finger-widths high once the glass is about 90% full. If it’s too small, raise the bottle to increase the rate at which the beer is falling into the glass. If it is too big, stop pouring and wait a while before continuing.

How to serve a beer

The following steps will teach you how to simply and easily serve a beer.

Step 1 – Place the expertly poured beer in front of the Guest.

Step 2 – Invite your Guest to enjoy their beer, and clear the empty beer bottle.

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